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Know Your Medicare Options

Most people simply stick with their current coverage. And that’s fine if your current plan gives you the coverage you need at a reasonable cost, covers your medications, and provides access to high-quality care in locations convenient for you.

Questions to ask yourself during Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period:

  • Has my health changed in any major way this year?
  • Has my financial situation changed in any major way?
  • Am I taking any new or different medications?
  • Have my premiums increased?
  • Have my copayments increased?
  • Is my doctor still in the plan?
  • Are the medications I’m taking still in the plan?
  • Is my preferred pharmacy still in the plan?

If any of your answers cause concern, you should take a look at other plans to see whether they better meet your needs and budget.

Look closely though. For example, if prescription coverage has increased, before you choose another less expensive plan, be sure that plan still covers the medications you take.


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