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Everyone Can Change Their Mind

Who says changing your mind is for women only? Between October 15 and December 7, 2015, anyone on Medicare (even the guys!) can change their mind about their health and prescription drug plans for 2016.

If you have original Medicare on the federal government plan, we can help you weigh the benefits of staying with original Medicare and a supplement plan or moving to a Medicare Advantage plan from a private insurance company that provides Medicare benefits.

If you have private insurance through a Medicare Advantage Plan, we can help you compare costs and benefits from the top companies operating in Ohio.

The Medicare Plan Store exists for the sole reason to educate and help people like you to simplify the process of choosing plans that are a good match for the uniqueness that is you.

We are licensed insurance sales agents in Ohio and also offer supplemental dental plans from Dental Care Plus Group, and Part D prescription drugs plans.

Contact our office now to set up an appointment for open enrollment time—the time when everyone has the opportunity to change their mind!

Open Enrollment Marathon!

running Shoes

If asked to describe Open Enrollment for Medicare time between October 15 and December 7, my descriptive words might include roller coaster, rocket ship, and running shoes. While other folks are thinking about goblins and ghosts and pumpkin patches, I’m bidding farewell to family and friends, canceling anything that even resembles rest or entertainment, putting on my Medicare hat and most comfortable shoes, and heading off to help 65-plusers claw their way through the nightmare we all call the annual “changes to Medicare.”

For 2014 you can expect only minor changes in Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans. In fact, the doughnut hole — the coverage gap in which you pay out-of-pocket for drugs — continues to shrink for both brand name (bigger discounts) and generic (higher federal subsidy) drugs.

Don’t let minor changes in Premium costs fool you into complacency though. Premiums are similar to 2013, but you may see higher co-payments, smaller pharmacy networks, and changes in drug tiers that could boost your out-of-pocket costs. We can help you quickly determine which available plans in our area cover your prescriptions so you make the best possible choices for 2014.

Oh, and in addition to United Healthcare, we now offer Humana and Aetna Medicare plans. Remember that our running shoes stayed glued to our feet until the close of business on December 7. Call us at 513-451-8131 or drop in to the Store. Here’s a map.


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